I recently did an event that I entitled A Lifestyle Design Retreat. The intention was to gather women together and provide the container and inspiration for them to reflect on where they’ve been, where they are, and what their souls are beckoning them into next.

The question we all ask ourselves is…

“What’s next? How can I be happier? How can I feel better? How can I get what I need to finally feel fulfilled?”

Our whole lives are dedicated to this search for fulfillment. What we yearn for – our deepest longing – is to come home to a deep sense of wholeness and completeness.

Everything that we do on this horizontal plane – whether it be in our relationships, our eating habits, our shopping, securing our safety and comfort, our mind’s movement to more of this and more of that – is dedicated to this search for ultimate fulfillment.

And yet, oftentimes, in the very pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, we end up missing out on the lives that we ARE living and on the opportunities we all have to feel happy and fulfilled along the way.

The pursuit itself becomes a way that we strive but never arrive and chase but never let ourselves actually have, receive, and enjoy that which we deeply desire and are perpetually seeking.

I’m all for dreaming big, turning up the volume on our desires, crafting our visions, and going after what we want.

AND, because I know how easily and habitually we attach our well-being, fulfillment, and happiness to external circumstances going our way, I’m also a huge proponent of supporting myself and my clients in discovering a way of doing life that allows us to, YES, cherish and create space for our desires, dreams, and inspired visions… but not at the expense of our now, present moment experience along the way.

There’s a way of relating to our soul-deep desires that, rather than setting ourselves up to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and discouraged by how far off in the future they feel, we can harness the wisdom that lives within our most authentic desires into a powerful catalyst and GPS to maximize and elevate the lives that we’re already living.

This is where the feminine embodiment coaching and practices that I teach become your best friend and provide the potential to discover, sustain, and expand your potential for fulfillment in the NOW.

The energy you’re embodying right now is that which is creating your next moment…and the next…and the next…

You can’t struggle your way to pleasure or strive your way to peace.

You don’t have to go into retreat, however, to reap the fruits of diving deeply into the temple of you.

Every moment of every day is a precious opportunity to fold yourself inside and listen to the still and quiet voice of your soul and the embodied wisdom always dancing within the sacred temple of your body as you ask…

“How can I be even more ME?”

And then, become curious about what simple, everyday activities best help you connect with HER?

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