While teaching an event last weekend, I was asked by so many of the women there….

“But how can I calm down, feel good, connect with myself, know my desires, enjoy this moment, relax into presence, access my turn-on, or embody more of my juicy, feminine radiance when I’m in a stressful workplace all day, or I’m surrounded by men, or when I have too much to do and not enough time, when nothing in my life is going the way I want it to, and I feel so trapped and devastated by disappointment?”

This was a 3-hour workshop during which I went way more in depth around this rich and essential topic, but the first step comes down to noticing how often we give our power and freedom away to another person, place, event, or time.

Like so many of us can experience at times, it can feel impossible to not let our outside circumstances determine our inner environment.

Instead, we wait for the ideal environment.

We wait until things slow down, become peaceful, and feel more spacious.

We leave ourselves, run faster, try harder, strive more to get through our never-ending to-do list, so we can get to the other side of all the demands we place on ourselves to be and become more.

We wait for or struggle to make X, Y, and Z happen…

So that we can finally…..maybe….someday deserve and feel worthy of receiving some deeper breaths, of simply being right here right now to experience the pleasures available in this moment, and of coming into loving relationship with the parts of us that are crying out for attention, love, and a depth of nourishment they are starving for.

What have you been too busy and preoccupied with that is sucking you bone dry and that stops you from appreciating all the ways in which life is constantly loving you and courting you back into the moment?

Which is the only place we can ever find the deep sense of wholeness, completeness, peace, and freedom to feel the way we desire to feel no matter what life may throw at us….

Which is all we’re ever longing for in the first place….our unstoppable femme power to source and create our experience from within.

If you want to have a different experience of yourself and your life, get back to the helm of your own ship and be the source of that which you seek.

  • Love and accept yourself fiercely exactly as and where you are
  • Discover what gold and incomparable beauty already exist in the very life you’re currently living
  • Get strategic about your joy
  • Make pleasure a discipline by letting yourself have it more often
  • Rest in the divine enoughness and perfection of your unique journey and all that is in this very moment

Easier said than done, I know.

This is why I have my own coaches.

This is why I create, design, and infuse all the various state-changing practices that I do into my daily life to support myself and my clients in this ongoing process.

This is why I am so in love with the life-changing work I do with my clients, who start experiencing massive breakthroughs the moment they say “YES” to themselves and to getting their joie de vivre back.

There is sooo much more of you and your life just longing to be lived.

“All you seek has been right here. Beneath this skin, waiting.” – A. J. Lawless



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