How fortunate we are to have the incredible freedom of being able to decide who it is we desire to be, how it is we desire to feel, and the way in which we desire to show up in the face of any circumstance and then embodying THAT woman.

And, yet, oftentimes, we’re moving so fast caught on the hamster wheel of what’s next? How can I be happier? How can I feel better? How can I get what I need to finally feel fulfilled?

It’s really rare that we actually take the time and create the space to drop in and really be present with ourselves, our desires, and that which is wanting to emerge more fully from within ourselves and out into our lives.

Our whole lives are dedicated to this search for fulfillment.

And yet, oftentimes, in this very pursuit of enoughness, of happiness, and fulfillment, we end up fighting with the present moment, declaring it imperfect.

We miss out on the very lives that we’re living and on the opportunities we all have to become that which we’re deeply craving to experience and feel happy and fulfilled along the way.

In this week’s podcast, I’m talking about a way of doing life that allows us to cherish and create space for our desires, our dreams, and our visions but not at the expense of our now, present moment experience along the way because…

  • The energy you are embodying right now is that which is creating your next moment and determining your future.
  • As we’ve all heard, unhappy journeys never lead to happy endings.
  • You can’t struggle your way to pleasure or strive your way to peace or fight your way to fulfillment.
  • The journey has to feel the way we want the destination to feel.

Enjoy listening to this week’s podcast!


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