This week, I’ve been preparing for a couple of upcoming workshops on some of my favorite topics:

  • Harnessing the power of pleasure
  • The theory of orgasm
  • Awakening the ecstatic response
  • And various internal yoga practices for expanding our sexual aliveness.

As inspiring and juicy as it is to be organizing this content and envisioning all the ways I’m going to create the sacred space for women to step into, it also evokes some sadness and grief as it reminds me of those times in my life when I was completely shut down and unavailable to pleasure in my body, cut off from my own sensuality, oblivious to my feminine radiance, at war with my body, and checked out of my life.

In this week’s podcast episode, I’m sharing about the role Tantra has played in my life and how it informs the work I do with my clients along with some simple, yet powerful. remedies for all the ways we as women can end up feeling sensually, spiritually, and emotionally malnourished. 

Listen in for my insider tips on how to re-integrate your sensual aliveness and sexuality in a way that makes it safe, beautiful, sacred, and natural on your journey of restoring wholeness, fullness, vibrancy, and your capacity for unlimited pleasure!

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