We tend to walk through our lives in the trance of:

“I’ll be happier when….”

“I’ll feel better when….”

“I’ll finally love myself when….”

This is what has us trade in our opportunity for joy and to be fully alive in the now for a future event that is always hanging out there.

Getting strategic about mastering the art of joy, fulfillment, and pleasure from the inside out is the epitome of freedom and unconditional living.

The reason I’m so passionate about this topic is because there have been times in my life when I was trapped in my own self-absorption of so much self-loathing and dissatisfaction that I was completely checked on of my life, merely going through the motions, and missing out entirely.

It starts with reclaiming all the ways we give our power away to outer circumstances to determine our inner reality and state of being in any moment.

Being a true heroine of our deep, lasting happiness and soul-deep fulfillment means seeing through the illusion that the next moment, the future is going to be better than where we are right now and choosing to navigate every experience and every day in a way that we will celebrate looking back from our future self.

You don’t want to miss today’s episode in which I share:

  • The top 5 regrets of dying
  • Some of the rockbottom moments when I was checked on of my life, merely going through the motions, and missing out entirely
  • What it takes to source more authentic joy
  • How to access joy even in the face of the most challenging adversity
  • And so much more

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