I’m going to dive right in here by asking you what might be a confronting question.

When was the last time you caught yourself either saying silently to yourself or out loud:

“If only circumstances would change, then I would feel happy.”

“If only things were different – in my relationship, my bank account, my business, my family, my body, my living situation, etc., then I would feel better.”

As a transformational coach, the bottom line of all the work I do is help women reclaim all the ways in which they’ve been giving their power away by turning their minds into their greatest asset, so they can take back control of their life and of their happiness and really be able to master their fulfillment from the inside out.

The fact is, until you expand your capacity for feeling good – and you’re the only one who has the power to do that – then no thing, no person, and no circumstance can pleasure you or increase your happiness beyond what you are able to tap into now.

We have to work our minds into the shape and direction that will serve us and do this with a discipline and a rigor as if our life depends on it because it does.

Listen in to this week’s episode HERE in which I talk about:

  • The most powerful way to it snaps us out of this trance of someday when
  • How to turn your mind into your greatest asset
  • How to start training yourself to win, succeed, and flourish now no matter what
  • What you need to be relentlessly devoted to in order to live a regret-free life
  • And much more

You’ll even get to hear me crack open in tears as I share a poignant part of my journey that woke me up from all the ways I was holding my happiness hostage.

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