Desire is one of my favorite words AND the most powerful force there is.

I guarantee that, hiding within ever desire you have ever had, is the deeper underlying desire for the experience you get to have of yourself as you open up to, claim, and become that woman who is birthing her next level self to step into and receive that desire.

At the end of the day, you can either use it to perpetuate your misery and powerlessness by making your happiness contingent on the outcome…OR, you can use it to fuel your fulfillment, delight, and unbridled expansion in every moment and every step of the journey…

By deciding WHO you’re are going to be, HOW you’re going to show up, and what you are going to allow yourself to FEEL along the way no matter what.

This is the difference between letting life happen and pass you by vs. making your experience as amazing as you ultimately want to look back on…

And know you had the time of your life every step of the way.

I go much deeper into this in today’s podcast episode in which I talk about: 

  • How to shift from feeling like a victim of circumstances into the powerful, unstoppable creator that you are
  • The way to unconditional freedom
  • The secret to guaranteeing your success every step of the way
  • How to shift your relationship with DESIRE itself into one that catalyzes you into the next best version of you
  • And much more

Tune in and learn how to embrace and embody the wisdom living within your desires.



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