I’m going to share what I’ve learned the long and the hard way…

If where you find yourself in your life in this very moment isn’t what you thought it would be and wish it would be in your ideal, best-case scenario, it’s easy to feel like a failure and to fall into despair, hopelessness, and even shame along with intense longing for what you wish was happening instead.

I speak to so many women whose default pattern is to assume something is wrong or missing with themselves or their lives when things aren’t going as planned, or according to their timeline, or expected in the way they had hoped. 

They end up sleepwalking through their lives, depriving themselves of the joy and fulfillment that COULD be experienced, because of this sense of deficiency they feel followed by a desperate search for what needs to be fixed, improved, or acquired in order to resolve what seems lacking in themselves or their lives.

They’re convinced that the deep, lasting fulfillment and pleasure is only available in a different reality that they can never seem to get to, which has them chasing what’s not already here in the hopes of finally, someday being, accomplishing, and having “ENOUGH”.

I know this well, because I’ve been there….and more times than I can count.

After hitting rock bottom multiples times, I finally woke up to the fact that there was another option. I knew that something had to change if I was going to avoid the grief and regret of an un-lived life. 

If you can relate to any of this, here’s what i want you to know…

The fact is, the pain, suffering, emptiness, and deficiency you feel is NOT because you’re not already who or where you think you should be and are racing to get to.

Rather, the suffering is what arises from all the ways you’re in resistance to and saying “NO” to the woman you are and the life that you are living right now.

What I’ve learned the long and hard way is that you cannot judge, make wrong, or shame your way into the more happiness, abundance, love, joy, freedom, and peace that you seek.

To the degree that you’re holding judgment against any aspect of yourself or your life, it’s impossible for circumstances to evolve into what you’re desiring, hoping for, and chasing after.

When you’re in judgement towards anything, you’re giving it the power to victimize you, which leaves you feeling like a victim to every circumstance.

  • KEY TAKEAWAY #1:The way you relate to yourself and the lens through which you perceive life now is the one you will overlay onto whatever future you’re running towards.
  • KEY TAKEAWAY #2: Acceptance has a frequency to it that judgement and resistance do not.
  • KEY TAKEAWAY #3: And, it’s THAT frequency that opens you up to allowing the elusive “goods” – that you’re convinced are “out there” in some far-off, distant, future reality – to finally find you right where you already are.

Loving and accepting yourself and making the most positive meaning you can find about where you are in your life is essential to growing into the next best version of you and creating the next best version of the life you desire.

So, your #1 job is to decide over and over and over again that whatever is happening is perfect and is exactly what is supposed to be happening according to the highest evolution your soul is desiring at this time.

Now, you get to go to work discovering why that is true, what higher purpose it is serving on your behalf, and WHO you get to become as a result that you would have never had the opportunity to were it not for whatever challenge or fire of initiation you are navigating right now on your journey.

Because, until you do, you risk missing out on the very lusciousness of your life that is happening RIGHT NOW.

Sometimes it requires the gritty work of turning the turmoil into awe-inspiring triumph and mining for the diamonds that are buried deeply in the rough.

I can assure you, they ARE there! And, until you find them, you will stay stuck feeling empty, lost, and under-satisfied.

Your purpose is to feel fully alive WHILE you are living….not waiting until circumstances change.

It is one shift, but it is a life changing one.

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