Take the journey of returning to your essential wholeness 

Tantric Embodiment Sessions are a fusion of emotional alchemy, energetic clearing, somatic awareness, and pleasure expanding practices – all of which create the safety for the subconscious mind to clear, the nervous system to unwind, and any emotional and energetic blocks be released.

~~ Sacred sexuality is what flowers as a result of releasing the shame and guilt that have been holding hostage the very source of all of life ~ 

There’s so much you can do to reclaim your ecstatic potential.

This work is not about trying to fix what was never broken or become something different.  The transformation simply occurs by gently removing the blocks, fears, limiting beliefs, and contractions around our sexuality, our authentic self-expression, our hearts, and relationships to reveal our essential wholeness that is always already there.

You will learn to find the time to discover the full mystery of sacred sexuality. This discovery heals wounds and traumas at the deepest level, so you naturally feel better about yourself, sexier in your body, and more whole as a woman.

So how do we liberate this powerful creative force that lives within us and allow it to flow into all aspects of our lives, bringing pleasure and joy to even the most mundane aspects of the every day?

You are in the perfect place to find out

First let me say this. If you’re not experiencing the depth of truly nourishing, satisfying pleasure you long for – either with yourself or your partner – it’s absolutely not your fault.

When we experience any kind of sexual shame and trauma (as all women do), our body suffers.  We end up feeling desensitized, shut down and even physical pain. Even without explicit violence against you and your body, simply a lifetime of negative conditioning and life experiences have a real life impact on your capacity to feel pleasure in your body and enjoy the full range of your sexual expression.

Give Yourself Permission To Feel EVERYTHING

By giving yourself permission to feel more deeply, a new sense of emotional and sexual liberation comes online and the awakening of your aliveness begins to unfold on every level.

It re-patterns your relationship to sexuality, intimacy, orgasm, and pleasure of all kinds.

Discovering the complexity and richness of your sexuality is what allows you to access and consciously harness your unlimited potential by clearing the inner emotional blocks that have been keeping it out of reach.

Once you begin to heal at the deepest level and awaken not only more sexual energy – but more of your creativity, resourcefulness, and sovereignty – you feel sexier in your body, more whole as a woman, and more resilient and poised in your life.

Our work together is devoted to supporting you in:

  • Shedding old programming and releasing fears, insecurities, feelings of unworthiness, shame and guilt around sexuality
  • Restoring the sacredness back into your sexual essence and intimate encounters 
  • Becoming more embodied, while increasing your sexual intelligence 
  • Awakening your sensual aliveness
  • Rediscovering and liberating your erotic innocence and expression
  • Rewiring your nervous system and uncovering the roadmap to unlimited pleasure beneath your skin 
  • Deepening your capacity for true, ever-expanding intimacy and connection, while being anchored in your own truth and wide open in your heart

It really is possible to feel deeply at home in your body and at peace with pleasure. Only then, will you be able to truly experience and fully receive the sensual and sexual nourishment you crave.

Self love is the gateway to more sexual pleasure. Actually, it IS the gateway to pleasure in all ways and pleasure of all kinds.


  • Feeling safe enough to embody your feminine essence and liberate the lusciously sensual nymph within you
  • Being able to effortlessly open your heart to receive the love you crave
  • Experiencing a new sense of freedom to be authentic in your sexuality
  • Having a happier relationship with your body and yourself….
  • All of which allows you to LIVE more fully from a place of pleasure and wholeness  

If you are ready to embody greater worthiness, love, and fulfillment AND feel more spiritually and sensually nourished within yourself, your intimate relationship, and your life, click below to take the first step.