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The  Modern Day Goddess

The Modern Goddess is not a supermodel, a femme fatale, a rock star or movie star, she is a real woman

Like so many of the modern myths about the feminine energy, the myths of goddess being these supernatural, bigger than life super beings needs to be thoroughly laid bard for the bullshit it is.

Those myths, have disempowered women, and belittled the natural, inherent, innate beauty , power and wisdom that lies in every single one of us.

    • Age is not a factor
    • Looks are not a factor
    • Ethnicity is not a factor
    • Upbringing is not a factor

    As a Tantric teacher and Coach for Feminine Ecstatic Embodiment, my job is to awaken you to what really is the true goddess and that YOU ARE THAT!

    You don’t have to try to be that. You already are that. But, you do need to conquer the pernicious. disempowering false beliefs that were installed in you by parents, teachers and the culture at large.

    My dear friends, it is time for us to reclaim the feminie for the miraculous, magical and mystical fact that it is.

    Please accept my sincere challenge to you to truly embody all that you actually are.

    Your life and the life of future generations depend on it.

    Are You a Holistic Facility or Center

    Let me help provide the highest and most engaging experience for your students, your cutomers, your friends and your community

    I offer a powerful and transformative workshops focusing on women reclaiming their power, their self-esteem and the immense pleasure available in our own bodies.

    It is a truly inspiring and liberating experience that I will provide for you and your community.

    Workshops can be for women only, mixed or couples.

    Contact me and let's figure out what theme is best for your community.