What Is the Path of the Modern Day Goddess?

Intelligent, Conscious Feminine Embodiment

The Modern Goddess is no a super model or a movie star. She is not a perfect 10 (whatever the hell that means).

She is a conscious woman, ware of who she is, what she wants and fully aware of her innate value and self-worth.

But, frankly, almost none of us have been taught to honor what we actually are.

Discovering this fundamental recognition of your inherent worth, beauty and power is THE PATH OF THE MODERN GODDESS.

I accomplish this with you by amplifying 7 significant aspects of yourself.

  1. Belief Re-patterning
  2. Emotional Alchemy
  3. Self Knowledge 
  4. Pleasure Expansion
  5. Tantra
  6. Sacred Sexuality
  7. Ecstatic Feminine Embodiment

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