Pleasure Is Inner Guidance

Hot & Cold

You’re getting warmer!

Remember when you were a kid playing ‘HOT & COLD/” Someone would hide something or pick something out in the room. Then someone would have to find it by being guided by two simple instructions.

  • You’re getting warmer or
  • You’re getting colder

You have a perfect, inner guidance system, It is our natural tendency to move towards pleasure and away from pain.  

That is what THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE is all about. Using one of our most natural abilities as a source of inner wisdom and guidance.

Body Wisdom

Your body is connected to the entire universeThe big question is, how do we consistently access that wisdom.

That is whereTHE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE comes in.

Body wisdom is felt, not thought. In ancient times, the wisdom of women was regarded as the most reliable source of information and cultural guidance. The body that gives birth to life is instinctively connected to all that is.

THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE guides you back to that infallible source of guidance and self-honoring that brings, not to you the kind of valuing and intimacy you so deserve, but the kind of insight and and nurturing that the entire world needs..

water to wine

You can find pleasure in the simplest, everyday things

This is really the key toTHE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE. It is not a search for a peak experience in special conditions. It is not about special effects or a roller coaster ride.

It is about discovering the opportunities for pleasure and inner guidance right here and now,  our everyday lives.

Those moments are there, but we have to learn to see them, to cherish them, to nurture them. Then pleasure and sense of being guided by an inner wisdom will be our natural state.



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