Sacred Sexuality

Pleasure Is a Spiritual Practice

When we remove from sex all agenda or goal orientation we make every moment a delicious, loving and intimate experience. Sex is transformed from being a means to an end into pure presence and bliss.

It is not something you do when all the other responsibilities are completed. It is a SACRED SPIRITUAL PRACTICE, that not only brings us closer to our beloved, but brings us closer to ALL THAT IS and ALL THAT MATTERS.

What Is Sacred Sex?

Sacred Sex Is the Bliss of Oneness

To lose oneself in the arms of another is the true ecstasy of self-forgetfulness

Sacred Sex Is:

  • Theintention to make sex a moment of total unity, connection, oneness and loss of self in your beloved
  • Where you lose all boundaries in the joy of deep intimacy
  • Being totally immersed in the present moment as a celebration
  • Making the now, not a stepping stone to some other moment in the future, but the fully realized bliss of the present
  • A conscious choice to make sex (alone or with a partner) a time of personal worship, almost religious awe and transcendent wholeness

Sacred Sex Is the Ultimate Ecstasy

Coaching, Workshops & Trainings

Sacred sexuality can be taught privately or in groups. It can be easily learned and embodied in person or online using a video connection.

Like Yoga or meditation it requires the safe and skillful guidance of a SACRED SEX MENTOR.

Salona’s workshop was an intimate gathering where possibility was abound. Salona creates an environment of trust and integrity with her calm and peaceful guidance. It was a magical and inspiring event thanks to Salona’s ability to lead with grace and compassion. I am so grateful for the experience.” – Danielle Taylor

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