Tantra & Sacred Sexuality

The time-honored path that unifies the inner with the outer, the sacred with the profane, the universal and the particular, the sensual and the spiritual

The Merging of Opposites

The practice of Tantra is not merely about sex, although that is a very nice side benefit. The true focus of tantric practice is to find the flow between all of the opposites of life and ride them like a surfboard.

Masculine & Feminine ~ Dark & Light  ~ Ordinary & Extraordinary ~ Pain & Pleasure ~ Joy & Grief ~ Sound & Silence ~ Movement & Stillness ~ Expansion & Contraction

In this middle way, we find the sweet spot of the eternally sacred and enter the path that walks fearlessly in the world.

The Union of Heaven & Earth

Everything is sacred. Everything shimmers in the light of its divine source. It is only an illusion of the unawakened mind that sees separation where there is oneness and creates discord where there is innate harmony.

Tantra is the rediscovery of primordial harmony, along with your innermost beauty and goddess nature. As it removes the veil that has hidden our divinity from us, we naturally awaken to the reality of heaven on earth.

The Deep Meaning of Tantra

There are innumerable definitions of Tantra. There is no right definition, nor is there any wrong one. But the question we are always seeking the answer to and that drives every choice we make is…


How do I find the lasting happiness, the depth of intimacy, and the ever-expanding freedom to experience the richest, most fully-expressed life possible while in this body?

And this is the question Tantra provides the most holistic answer to.

Tantra itself is simply a word attempting to capture that which cannot be contained in a word. It is a vast and ancient science that provides us with the very roadmap to commune with the infinite itself and into remembering that which we always and already are.

My journey of Tantra is ever-evolving by the day. But, the simplest and most concise way that I can summarize its underlying and overarching intention is: to embody that which we seek in the transcendent and to use our ordinary human daily existence to wake up to the extraordinary. Each and every practice of Tantra is an opportunity to discover and become ever more present to our divine nature and to who we are way beyond our body/mind experience in this apparently limited reality.

Tantra is about embracing this very human tension we all face in the whirl of our full lives and technologically-dominant culture as a means to fuel our daily devotion and inspiration to seek even more fiercely that which is unconditional and essential – the true source of our beauty, freedom, power, and lasting joy and fulfillment.

It’s about making the journey of returning to the very essence of our eternal Self a consistent daily practice right in the midst of the very drama and duality – however excruciating or ecstatic it may be at times – of this mystery we call life.

Classical Tantra is characterized by devotional practices, ritual, mantra, yantra, pranayama, asana, and deity worship.

Neo-Tantra is a modern movement known for its emphasis on cultivating greater intimacy, sacred sexuality, and employing various sexual practices as a portal through which to access and harness the infinitely creative energy of our sexual aliveness in service of our ultimate awakening.

Through either path, the ultimate goal of any and all Tantra practice is union with the divine, which is ultimately the experience of Self-remembering and Self-recognition.

Tantra is a way of life designed to get you to see the underlying sacredness of every facet of living, even in -and especially in – what seems like ordinary everyday experience.

Why Tantra?

Sex and sexuality are only one facet of the vast science of Tantra 

Of course, Tantra absolutely embraces sexuality as an integral component of our wholeness, fulfillment, and vitality, without which we will always feel that an essential part of us is missing.

One of the ways Tantra has impacted me the most over the years and now impacts my clients is by way of restoring the sacredness of our sexuality and, thereby, reclaiming our sensual and sexual wholeness and freedom of expression as a gateway to our highest potential.

I encounter so many women who feel numbed out, estranged from their bodies, and an awkwardness around their sexuality, which leaves them feeling disconnected, empty, and sensually and emotionally malnourished. I’ve known this experience well myself, which has been the spark behind my passion in this work. They have a deep longing for more and an even deeper knowing that MORE is possible and they are destined for it. 

That “MORE” lives in our aliveness…


And that Aliveness is sourced from our sexual energy

Tantra offers a roadmap that empowers us to find our way back to our bodies…back to HER in the most honoring, devotional way that is full of love and reverence.  It invites us to turn towards the essential aspects of our feminine aliveness and deep, embodied wholeness, which includes our sensual, sexual self and energy.

Because it rejects no aspect of our human existence, Tantra gives us the permission to, once again, embrace our sexuality and erotic innocence. It provides the tools and practices to enjoy, enrich, and expand our experience both within our own bodies and our intimate relationships – all of which ripples out beyond the bedroom and into the rest of our lives and our experience of ourselves in the world.

If you are ready to embody greater worthiness, love, and pleasure AND feel more spiritually and sensually nourished within yourself, your intimate relationship, and your life, let’s explore how we can create this for you.

Pleasure As a Spiritual Practice

When we remove from sex all agenda or goal orientation, we make every moment a delicious, loving, and intimate experience. Sex is then transformed from being a means to an end into the pure presence that opens the doorway to experiencing the perpetual ecstasy of your true Self.

It is not something you do when all the other responsibilities are completed. It is a SACRED SPIRITUAL PRACTICE that, not only brings us closer to our beloved, but brings us closer to ALL THAT IS and ALL THAT MATTERS.

What Is Sacred Sex?

Sacred Sex Is the Bliss of Oneness

To lose oneself in the arms of another is the true ecstasy of self-forgetfulness

Sacred Sex Is:

  • The intention to make intimacy and love-making an experience of total unity, connection, oneness, and loss of self in your beloved
  • Where you lose all boundaries in the joy of deep intimacy
  • Being totally immersed in the present moment as a celebration
  • Making the now, not a stepping stone to some other moment in the future, but the fully realized bliss of the present
  • A conscious choice to make sex (alone or with a partner) a time of personal worship, spiritual awe, and transcendent wholeness

Sacred Sex Is the Ultimate Ecstasy

Coaching, Workshops & Trainings

There is so much more to Tantra than sex. While Sacred Sexuality is a significant aspect of Neo-Tantra.

There is so much more.


Imagine approaching every aspect of your life as though it was a sacred moment, ripe with ecstasy and bliss.

This is the mission of Tantra as I teach it and coach it.

Salona’s workshop was an intimate gathering where possibility was abound. Salona creates an environment of trust and integrity with her calm and peaceful guidance. It was a magical and inspiring event thanks to Salona’s ability to lead with grace and compassion. I am so grateful for the experience.” – Danielle Taylor

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