Are You In Awe of Your Life?

You Can Be… Starting Now!

~~ Stop chasing joy and let yourself actually FEEL it well up inside you ~~

We’ve all been there!

An abundance of responsibilities and obligations with very little joy, fun, pleasure of deep satisfaction.

Life feeling more like a struggle than an adventure, leaves you depleted, disconnected, and with a deep yearning for more 

So what is that more? And where do we find it? 

It is within you, locked away behind years of conditioning, deferring of happiness, self-negation and a mistaken sense of who you are.

I’m a Transformational Life Coach and a Sacred Sexuality Mentor 

It is my mission and enormous pleasure to support ambitious women in redefining pleasure and success, harnessing their soul’s purpose, and using that unstoppable fire to ignite their unique destiny.

So, what gets to happen as a result?  You enjoy the freedom of embodying the fullest version of you: empowered, confident, capable, and free to both know and fulfill your deepest yearnings.

I specialize in working with women who have lost their spark.

I help them rediscover and magnify the juice in their lives again, so they can finally embody the soul-stirring expansion and innermost radiance that is the essence of femininity and the soul of the Modern Day GoddessTogether we will free you from the fear of reaching the end of your life with all your brilliant potential still trapped inside of you. 

Working with me is spiritual bootcamp… but with really sexy boots!

The Cause and Cure of All Our Difficulties


The key to creating change begins with shifting your inner world so that your outer world can reflect that. Unless this inner relationship with yourself is cultivated on purpose, all our efforts at self-improvement will fall flat and be short-lived.  

Life always reflects your deepest truth back to you.

And the good news is, when you commit to making small but conscious, strategic, tangible shifts each day, you activate a whole new baseline from which the expansion and transformation you’ve been craving can unfold within a very short time.


Through BELIEF RE-PATTERNING, EMOTIONAL ALCHEMY, AND EMBODIED SELF-KNOWLEDGE, we will together uncover the source of what’s getting in your way, release shame, guilt, and insecurity, while simultaneously building a rock-solid toolbox of proven psychological and spiritual strategies you can rely on forever.

Our work together is devoted to supporting you in:

  • Reclaiming all the places where you’ve given your power away
  • Feeling whole and deeply at home again in your own skin, so you can become a woman who’s dialed into her own desires and is the author of a life in which she can fulfill them
  • Anchoring you into the temple of your truth and your SELF, so you are passionately self-referenced and empowered to create a life that feels like coming home to YOU
  • Designing the roadmap back to your turn-on, your feminine aliveness, joyful purpose, and soul-deep fulfillment 
  • Using powerful practices, emotional alchemy, and transformational mindset mastery to become a badass at mining for gold in the dark and navigating the most devastating challenges in a way that liberates you to become even more of the woman you are here to be

It’s time to know the reality of your unshakable wholeness deep in your bones AND to be so plugged into the destiny you were put on this earth to embody, that you can’t help but fall in love with the divine perfection that is the reality of your life.

There is a way to experience the depth of meaning and purpose you crave and truly blossom into a life you love without struggling to move forward or sacrificing your truth.

You’re ready to emerge in new ways and get lit up embodying the woman you’ve always desired to be – so much so that you become a radiant inspiration to all those whose lives you touch….

Come with me and let’s step onto the path of liberation and self-mastery, the Path of the Modern Day Goddess.