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“Ecstatic Feminine Embodiment Guided Meditation”

With the Latest in Enhanced Transformation and Integration Technology ~ Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Frequencies

A Meditation/Affirmation to Immerse you in the Ecstatic Feminine

Ecstatic Feminine Embodiment

This is the age of woman.

The deep, powerful, and sensual qualities of a woman must be awakened – not only for our own benefit – but for the benefit of generations to come.

Ecstasy does not only refer to sexual pleasure. It refers to the juiciness of simply being alive in a female body. 

Meditation is one of the key tools I use to reprogram the nervous system, so that it is more available and receptive to be set free into our innate ECSTATIC SELVES.


Feminine Embodiment is a powerful MEDITATION that will bypass the conscious mind and go directly to those subconscious patterns that are operating under the surface.

Only a few tools are capable of unseating these deep patterns, and THE ECSTATIC FEMININE EMBODIMENT MEDITATION is one of those magical tools.

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