Working with me is a spiritual bootcamp for your soul that lands you into your most divinely inspired life.

This day is precious! It’s the day everything gets to change…

I feel completely alive and energized after every one of our sessions.” ~ Ryan Bailey

You & I Together


It is my mission in life to help you rediscover the best parts of yourself, parts that have been conditioned out of your conscious access but are, none the less, lying dormant, waiting to be reborn.

You will experience a whole new way of living as a whole, complete woman, full of love, wisdom, creativity AND PLEASURE.

You will break through old traumas and blocks and step into a powerful new version of yourself, one that is confident, sexy and maybe even a bit sassy!

I will guide you out of the traps of:

  • Feeling as though your life is slipping by without you truly living 
  • The monotony of merely going through the motions of the daily grind
  • Mediocre and infrequent pleasure
  • Relegating your happiness to some future time (that never arrives)

I will guide you back to the power of your inner “YES” and into the juice of life. 

And girl, it can get really juicy.

With the aid of an experienced, understanding coach, this transformation can happen in a very short time.

This Is Your Time!

Modern Day Goddess Coaching Programs


SELF-MASTERY SESSIONS are a one-of-a-kind fusion of fierce love coaching, transformational belief re-patterning, energetic up-leveling, and mystical, soulful exploration. 

Every woman deserves to feel amazing in her skin, be madly in love with the life she’s living and discover the depth of fulfillment she was born for. This is how we enjoy the freedom and pleasure of embodying all of the woman we know we’re here to be.  

There is a way to experience the depth of meaning and purpose you crave and truly blossom into a life you love without struggling to move forward or sacrificing your truth. And I can show you how.

TANTRIC EMBODIMENT SESSIONS are a unique, modern blending of Classical and Neo Tantra, internal yoga, deep embodiment, and transformational coaching to unveil your sensual aliveness and potential, while re-patterning your relationship to sex, intimacy, orgasm, and pleasure of all kinds – both in and out of the bedroom.

Our bodies possess a great deal of timeless, wordless wisdom. And, the ecstasy, aliveness, and expression we so desperately seek and desire all unfold through the body, which means that the fulfillment of our desire for more pleasure, sensual nourishment, and sexual empowerment starts with inhabiting ourselves and our bodies more fully.

Which One Is Right For You?

For most women, it is a perfect fusion of both.

The Modern Day Goddess is a mix of both personal development and deep spiritual awakening.

This is reflected in freedom of expression at work, in social situations and, of course, in the bedroom.


Let Salona guide you into a program that is perfect for you with a private, free consultation

Why Get Coached?

  Coaching is the fastest way to get from where you are to where you long to be…

 And to do it in a way that lights you up every single day and allows you to feel amazing in your skin every step of the way.

After all, that’s what you’re designed for….

To have a love affair with your life as you unleash all that delicious potential lying dormant within you. 

Coaching is like Laser Treatments

It gets right to the trouble spots and vaporizes them

  • RECLAIM all the places where you’ve given your power away or never realized you had the power in the first place without losing your natural femininity in the process
  • FEEL whole, complete, and deeply at home again in your own skin as you embody THAT woman who’s dialed into her own desires and is the author of a life in which she can fulfill them with grace and dignity.
  • LEARN powerful practices that give you the emotional freedom and transform your mindset to become the master of your fulfillment no matter what life throws at you with resilience, resourcefulness and poise
  • OWN the roadmap back to your turn-on, your feminine aliveness, joyful purpose, and soul-deep fulfillment.  This is the path I have traveled, and I can show you  
  • SELF HONOR – No two women are alike, which is why my private coaching is custom tailored to fit your needs and lifestyle. There is a wide variety of ways to work with me.

It’s time to step onto this sacred path of liberation and self-mastery.

It’s time to know your unshakable wholeness deep in your bones.

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