Afternoon Workshop:

Unlocking the Mystery of Your Ecstatic Potential

A Neo-Tranta Workshop for Lovers

~~ Harness the power of pleasure and self-love to live your most luminous life ~~

Are you chasing joy more than you’re actually letting yourself feel it?

Is life feeling more and more like a constant struggle, leaving you feeling depleted, disconnected, and a deep yearning for more?

A woman’s pleasure is essential to live a life of profound happiness and fulfillment

And yet, we’re so often moving so fast to keep up with daily demands, armored from unresolved trauma, or hijacked by negative thoughts that inhibit our ability to open, relax, and truly enjoy and experience the pure pleasures of being alive.

~ You are meant for so much more than you are allowing yourself to experience ~

Based on a fusion of ancient tantra, modern mind-body science, and positive psychology, this special class will include a lecture, some gentle somatic practices, and practical tools to increase awareness, empower your pleasure potential in all areas of life, and bring sacredness and self-love back into your body and sensual aliveness….all of which will ripple out into the rest of your life.

In this intimate afternoon workshop, you will:

  • Begin to expand your definition of pleasure and learn why it is so essential to your ultimate fulfillment
  • Start dissolving blocks to your pleasure, such as low self-worth, cultural inhibitions, and core beliefs.
  • Discover ways to feel safe, relaxed, and embodied in your own skin, so that you’re more empowered to enter intimacy with another
  • Experience nourishing practices to build a loving, empowering relationship with yourself and your sensuality to increase your presence, confidence, and alignment with your truth
  • Learn Tantric breathing and meditation techniques to expand sensation and aliveness, while also bringing a profound sense of relaxation, flow, and peace

You’ll walk away resourced with new tools to use everyday to shape your experience and feel more fully alive

Are You a Holistic Facility or Center

Let me help provide the highest and most engaging experience for your students, your cutomers, your friends and your community

I offer a powerful and transformative workshops focusing on women reclaiming their power, their self-esteem and the immense pleasure available in our own bodies.

It is a truly inspiring and liberating experience that I will provide for you and your community.

Workshops can be for women only, mixed or couples.

Contact me and let's figure out what theme is best for your community.