Afternoon Workshop:

The Red Tent

A Sacred Sexuality Workshop for Women

~~ Step out of your normal everyday identity and step into your innate Goddess sensuality and beauty ~~

In ancient times, the Red Tent was a potent and sacred place where women gathered to dream, vision, share their most intimate desires, awaken their sensual aliveness and sexual power, and celebrate the rhythms of womanhood.

This timeless tradition is one that allows us to explore and experience every facet of being a woman in a safe space for infinite discovery. 

What we are all seeking is a greater sense of belonging and self worth, and it starts with being at home in our own bodies

 Join us for this nourishing exploration into who you are at your essence…

 Through the various practices I’ll be sharing, you will: 

  • Harness the power of your desires to reclaim a sense of possibility in your life
  • Experience a beautiful self-care practice you can use throughout your life
  • Learn ways to transform your love-making both with yourself and your beloved
  • Discover the moon centers of the female body to awaken the exquisite aliveness of your sexual circuitry

This is for all women desiring to:

  • Realign to her natural wisdom and gifts
  • Reconnect with her true beauty, inspiration, and inherent capacity for manifestation  
  • Cultivate more self love and connection with her feminine aliveness
  • Transform her relationship with her sexuality
  • Return to her erotic innocence and have easier access to pleasure in all areas of her life
***All practices are done fully clothed and are simply an invitation to drop in a deeper sense of embodied wholeness in the spirit of healing, love, and intimacy with your inherent feminine wisdom and the vitality of your sensuality

Are You a Holistic Facility or Center

Let me help provide the highest and most engaging experience for your students, your cutomers, your friends and your community

I offer a powerful and transformative workshops focusing on women reclaiming their power, their self-esteem and the immense pleasure available in our own bodies.

It is a truly inspiring and liberating experience that I will provide for you and your community.

Workshops can be for women only, mixed or couples.

Contact me and let's figure out what theme is best for your community.