Afternoon Workshop:

Life’s Reset Button

Your Richest Life From The Inside Out

~~  A powerful interactive workshop to begin re-awakening your feminine aliveness and embodied wholeness ~~

If your life had a RESET button, would you press it?

When we crave more out of life, what we’re really craving is more of ourselves.

To have a different experience of your life, you need to be a different version of “you” than you’ve ever been before.

This powerful, interactive workshop is for you if you’re ready to gracefully release all that is no longer serving you and move into a totally new way of doing life.

Instead of feeling like life just “happens” to you, you will start to take back the steering wheel again! That means finding the courage to let go of the constant barrage of demands on your time long enough to choose YOURSELF again, catch a glimpse of where you are, who it is you desire to be, and what it is you truly desire to experience more of in your life.

I’ll be sharing some of the most powerful processes that I know to help you:

  • Take inventory on what’s not working
  • Deliberately design your life in a way that nourishes and enlivens you at the deepest level
  • Reclaim a sense of power, purpose, and alignment with your highest joy
  • Take back control of your time and begin to create the experience you really want out of life
  • Steer your life, love, and attention toward the direction of the fulfillment you seek

You’ll leave this workshop knowing EXACTLY what to do to move forward in your life and into more of your magnificent glory.

You are here to find true happiness and be fully expressed!

Are You a Holistic Facility or Center

Let me help provide the highest and most engaging experience for your students, your cutomers, your friends and your community

I offer a powerful and transformative workshops focusing on women reclaiming their power, their self-esteem and the immense pleasure available in our own bodies.

It is a truly inspiring and liberating experience that I will provide for you and your community.

Workshops can be for women only, mixed or couples.

Contact me and let's figure out what theme is best for your community.