Afternoon Workshop:

Stop Searching ~ Start Living

Discover the 3 keys to ignite your bold, brave, brilliant self

~~  A powerful interactive workshop to begin re-awakening your feminine aliveness and embodied wholeness ~~

We’ll be talking about the secret ways we hold ourselves hostage and how to break free, so that you can begin to experience the meaning and purpose you crave and truly blossom into a life you love without struggling to move forward or sacrificing your truth.

Here are some of the things you’ll walk away with from this interactive, grounding, and inspiring workshop:

  • how you are inadvertently sabotaging your success and how to recapture your inspiration and revitalize your life right away
  • clarity about what you need to do & who you need to be to in to order to truly thrive in your soul’s highest purpose
  • specific tools you can use every day to nurture your wholeness in a way that elevates the quality of your life and ignites your purpose
  • a solid understanding of where and how you are secretly losing power, how to reclaim it and then leverage its potency
  • practical ways to alchemize shame, fear, and anxiety into potent fuel for your soul’s purpose
  • the No.1 thing that’s blocking your success and fulfillment and the fastest way to release it

It is my intention that our time together will be a powerful catalyst for the next unfolding of your radiant becoming into the woman you desire to be….


Are You a Holistic Facility or Center

Let me help provide the highest and most engaging experience for your students, your cutomers, your friends and your community

I offer a powerful and transformative workshops focusing on women reclaiming their power, their self-esteem and the immense pleasure available in our own bodies.

It is a truly inspiring and liberating experience that I will provide for you and your community.

Workshops can be for women only, mixed or couples.

Contact me and let's figure out what theme is best for your community.