Turn Your Pain Into Passion

3 Keys to Optimizing Your Body, heart, & Mind for More Pleasure & Aliveness

A Free Live Masterclass

Tuesday, December 17th

3pm (EST) 12pm (PST) 8pm (GMT)

Let’s Feed Your Soul’s Hunger for More Passion & Aliveness

Do you want something more for your life but just don’t know how to get there?

Maybe you’re afraid of missing out on the life you’ve always wanted

And, you’ve been spinning your wheels, feeling depleted, exhausted, and still nothing is working…

Trying to do more and grind harder all in a desperate attempt to get away from where you are to where you believe is better

Constantly chasing more fulfillment and joy but never actually arriving there…

All the while, feeling numbed out, shut down, and disconnected from what you even want anymore

Perhaps you’ve even gotten to the point where you just know, “I can’t go on living this way any longer.”

And you are absolutely right! You can’t. And, you don’t have to!

It is time to wake up out of the “someday when” trance and start allowing yourself to experience the happiness and peace you crave.

The first step is slowing down enough inside to listen, to feel, and to receive more of yourself, more of your truth, and more of your essence…

In This Life-Changing Masterclass, I’m going to teach you how to:

  • Breathe life back into the desires you’ve been shutting down, so they can light you up, turn you on, and spark your own passion & aliveness back on line
  • Elevate your worthiness and expand your capacity to receive, so you can finally start letting in all things goodness
  • Inhabit the sacred presence within your body to become a channel for your embodied wisdom to pour through you
  • Awaken to the happiness, self-love, and freedom that is independent of circumstances
  • Choose and create the reality you desire to live into on purpose
  • Fall in love with the journey of becoming THAT woman in her ideal life before it is here – one step…one choice…one thought at a time
  • And many more profound ways to shift how you’re doing YOU and your life to optimize for more joy and aliveness right now!


About Salona

Transformational Coach, Divine Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Tantra and Sacred Intimacy Teacher

My mission is to empower you to liberate your deepest desires, harness your soul’s unique destiny, and unveil the divine radiance within you, so you can step into the fullness of all that you are here to embody and enjoy the freedom and pleasure of living each day with the passion and devotion to live your richest life from the inside out.

What I’ve discovered along my journey is that the hardest of times and darkest of moments can be turned into the very springboard and catalyst for the most potent and lasting transformation.