If you’ve landed on this page, I guarantee that the journey your soul / higher self is asking you to be on

is one that will be more pleasure-filled, nourishing and life-giving every step of the way


?We Both Know All This:

It is our thoughts and feelings that determine the quality of our lives. So, why don’t we create the good stuff more consistently?

The answer is quite simple… HABIT!

It is not our conscious minds that are the real driving power. We can visualize all day and it will have no effect whatsoever. The real power lies in the subconscious and the way to reprogram that is also simple… FOCUSED REPETITION!

It takes 30 days of a consistently repeated action to unlearn a habitual pattern and install a new one. That is why I have created a 30 Day Pleasure Challenge.

I want to take a totally new approach to habit breaking and habit making.

Why do people fail at trying to lose weight, keep a New Year’s resolution or change their mindset to attract more great stuff into their lives?

Because it is painful to do it.

That approach is all about giving things up, going without, deprivation and for your nervous system that means PAIN!

But… what if the new habit came in the form of pleasure?

What if, instead of self-denial, you were experiencing self indulgence? The whole nervous system would be saying, “All right I’m in!

What if, instead of a continual string of “No” and self-denial you get a continual string of “Yes” and self care?

So, for the entire month of January, we are going to use PLEASURE to facilitate change

And not just one or two things to do, that would become boring and there is that pain thing again.

Ok so let’s get real…



  • For too long, you’ve just been mechanically going through the motions
  • Believing that there is better than here
  • Which has you grinding it out to get over “there” as fast as possible so you can finally feel better
  • You’re waiting to be rescued by something out there…
  • For circumstances to change so you can have the experience you’re missing
  • You’re desperately searching for a way out of the desert of dissatisfaction, hollowness, deep lack, and absence of pleasure you feel stuck in


Your entire being is yearning for more joy, more love, more expansion, more softness, succulence, and ease…

All of that birthed from the nectar of deeper embodiment, presence, and intimacy with life

When things feel flat, it’s not punishment or the result of some terrible mistake. It’s a call to bring the juice back into all areas of your life.

But, why pleasure?

We humans have two primary motivations… avoid pain and seek pleasure.

If you have ever tried to use will power to change a habit you have experienced first hand how difficult it is (and you probably failed.)

It’s not because you are flawed in some way. You just can’t fight again a primary, hard-wired motivation. Denying yourself is painful and so everything in you resists it.

So I am not going to show you will power. Instead we will…

Pleasure our way to transformation!

I’m going to teach you all sorts of different ways to use pleasure as a doorway to to true and lasting transformation and to reclaim your full, most joyous, bliss filled life

Then you will be genuinely and unapologetically able to say you feel are more alive, at home in your body and grounded in yourself than ever before.

Life can only pleasure you to the extent that you allow yourself to experience pleasure and give pleasure to yourself.

Yes! I’m so ready to be the heroine of my own joy and pleasure 

About Salona

Transformational Coach, Divine Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Tantra and Sacred Intimacy Teacher

My mission is to empower you to liberate your deepest desires, harness your soul’s unique destiny, and unveil the divine radiance within you, so you can step into the fullness of all that you are here to embody and enjoy the freedom and pleasure of living each day with the passion and devotion to live your richest life from the inside out.

What I’ve discovered along my journey is that the hardest of times and darkest of moments can be turned into the very springboard and catalyst for the most potent and lasting transformation.