Join me for 30 days of FUN and EASY TRANSFORMATION with
an array of PLEASURE PRACTICES that will light up your life and effortlessly MAKE THE INTERNAL SHIFTS that create that EXTERNAL CHANGE you’ve been working so hard to attain.


If you’ve landed on this page…

I guarantee that the journey your soul is asking you to be on is one that is more pleasure-filled, nourishing, and life-giving every step of the way.


Because, for too long, you’ve just been mechanically going through the motions…

Desperately searching for a way out of the desert of dissatisfaction, hollowness, deep lack, and the absence of pleasure you feel stuck in…

Waiting for circumstances to change, so you can FINALLY have the experience you’re deeply craving 

Here’s the thing…

When life feels stale, and you don’t believe you can actually can feel good where you are…

You become convinced that “there” is better than “here”…

All your energy then goes into just grinding it out to get over “there” as fast as possible, 

So you can FINALLY feel better

When, in reality…

NOTHING outside of you has to change in order for your experience of life to change…and change dramatically.

Really! That is not just a nice spiritual platitude.

When things feel flat, it’s a deep call to prioritize pleasure and bring the juice back into ALL areas of your life…

To discover and master how to intentionally create more joy, more delight, more expansion, more deliciousness, and ease…

And the way to do that effortlessly is through PLEASURE!

What we all crave is the kind of joy that is birthed from the nectar of a more sensual embodiment, deeper presence, and greater intimacy with life.

There’s a path to get there, and I’m here to show you how. 

It takes 30 days of a consistent, repeated action to unlearn an old, habitual pattern and install a new, more life-elevating one.

That’s why for the entire month of January, I’m going to teach you how to… 

Use pleasure as a doorway to lasting transformation

I am going to show you that it is through pleasure – and not deprivation or will-power – that you will reclaim your fullest, most joyful life.

Then, you will genuinely be able to say that you feel the most alive, the most at home, and the most grounded in yourself than ever before. 

You will effortlessly radiate from the inside out…

AND become a magnet to the blissful and love-filled life you know is possible.

Life can only pleasure you to the extent that you allow yourself to experience pleasure and give pleasure to yourself.

There’s no better feeling than knowing you are in charge of how you feel no matter what

Yes! I’m so ready to be the heroine of my own joy and pleasure 

About Salona

Transformational Coach, Divine Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Tantra and Sacred Intimacy Teacher

As a feminine embodiment coach, transformational guide, Tantra and sacred sexuality mentor, Salona guides women on the journey into radical self-love and back into their essential wholeness, so they are empowered to truly master their fulfillment and live their richest life from the inside out. 

Through her body-centered approach, she supports her clients in releasing the limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns that have been keeping them stuck and under-realized, so they can experience the delicious freedom and expansion of embodying all of the women they aspire to become. 

Her expertise lies in helping ambitious, high-achieving women discover more pleasure and aliveness in their bodies, while infusing more joy and presence in their lives.  As a result, her clients are able to heal from deep-seated shame, discover their innermost beauty, reclaim their joie de vivre, and liberate their fullest potential to do their soul’s sacred work in the world.