Creating the Life of your Dreams Starts with

Becoming Obsessed with the Life You Already Have

The Magic Key that Will Set You Free…


You don’t need to go to a different place

to find and experience ecstasy

You can find peace, fulfillment, happiness, sufficiency, and abundance with the life you already have…

When you don’t need things to change for you to feel good, you have found the secret to life

This is exactly what I’m going to teach you how to do in this transformational 4-part series.

You see, most people wait for the big moments to feel alive and to believe that their life is worth living

But, our day in and day out experiences – what we might call the ordinary and the mundane – are the only opportunities you have to be more fully alive.

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the saddest thing that can happen is if, one day, you look back at your life

and realize that you forgot to enjoy it

I see you…

  • You’re hungry for a more enjoyable life
  • You want to feel more alive in every moment 
  • You know you could be experiencing more joy and fulfillment than you are
  • And, yet, you can’t seem to shake the emptiness and dissatisfaction that lives inside

As long as you’re chasing what you desire outside of you and waiting for some thing, person, or event to happen in your life to take away that feeling of emptiness, lack, or dissatisfaction…

You will skip over the treasures of this moment.

You’re here for more than living a life in which fulfillment is always just around the corner

You really don’t need to keep sacrificing your current reality for some imagined future

You can learn to make love with life… and that is exactly what you were born to do

And, this is exactly what I’m going to teach you how to do in this 4-part series in which we’ll be exploring…

  • One of the foremost ecstatic disciplines (and other doorways to ecstasy)
  • An ancient Tantric practice for alchemizing adversity into awakening
  • How to design your Ideal Feminine Icon and start living as HER now
  • Worshipping the Sacred in the everyday
  • How to tune yourself to the Frequency of Bliss
  • Maximizing Aliveness in the Mundane
  • Erotic Embodiment and Nourishment
  • Being the source of your experience

What is found now is found then. If you make love with the divine now you will have the face of satisfied desire” – Kabir

You could go on spending your whole life thinking…

“Life will be better when I get over there”, and waiting to live your life the way you really want.

But, when you know how to extract the most potent magic from every day that you can and enjoy yourself the whole way there…

Then, when that last breath is taken, there’s a smile on your face that this has been a life well-lived

So, I invite you to feel into that tender space of your body…into that open-hearted part of you that desires more joy, ease, and expansion…

The one who knows she came here for something more than what she’s experiencing.

About Salona

Transformational Coach, Divine Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Tantra and Sacred Intimacy Teacher

My mission is to empower you to liberate your deepest desires, harness your soul’s unique destiny, and unveil the divine radiance within you, so you can step into the fullness of all that you are here to embody and enjoy the freedom and pleasure of living each day with the passion and devotion to live your richest life from the inside out.

What I’ve discovered along my journey is that the hardest of times and darkest of moments can be turned into the very springboard and catalyst for the most potent and lasting transformation.